Kurz Transfer Products and General Roll Leaf Expand Partnership

CHARLOTTE, NC, USA—Kurz Transfer Products announces an expanded partnership with General Roll Leaf

According to the co., General Roll Leaf has long offered Kurz foils as an integral part of its product line, but an expanded partnership will benefit the industry. "Our customers have responded very well to the superior quality, workability, and product range of Kurz foils," says Peter Budelman, VP at General. "Taking our relationship to a new and strategic level gives us the opportunity to drive ever-greater customer satisfaction as we meet and exceed the expectations of our new and prospective accounts. Through our new relationship with Kurz, [we] enhance its excellent reputation for service, quality, product range, and flexibility."

Adds Sam McElree, sales manager at Kurz: "General Roll Leaf has represented us very effectively for many years, giving us the confidence to extend to [General Roll Leaf's] team the full range of our products. While we retain our direct sales and service team, it has become impossible to service the entire breadth and depth of the market properly. The team of General Roll Leaf and Kurz will provide the ideal foundation for optimal service and quality for our respective customer bases."

Visit Kurz at kurzusa.com. More information about the companies' new service also is available from Kurz at 704/596-9091, or General Roll Leaf at 718/784-3737.

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