PIRA Conference in Italy to Cover Future of Eastern Packaging Markets; June Meeting Held Same Time as IPACK IMA Show

LEATHERHEAD, SURREY, UK—"Packagers are just beginning to understand the potential of eastern Europe as a new market for their products and services," says packaging and converting industry consultancy/testing firm PIRA International. To help package manufacturers, printers, and converters explore this "new" market, PIRA says its upcoming Future of Eastern European Packaging Markets "will give attendees the hands-on knowledge needed to make an informed decision about how to expand into eastern Europe."

According to Pira, the venue will include case study presentations from a range of brand owners, covering a variety of packaging sectors. The firm adds all major markets will be covered during the two-day event; information relating to various regions—ranging from Croatia to Poland to the Baltic states— will be examined. Hot topics also to be investigated during the conference include:

  • Pitfalls and entry methods

  • Current market conditions and forecasts

  • Working with local partners

  • Analysis of local suppliers

  • Opportunities for technology-led packaging

More information is available at piranet.com/pira/piranet.asp?page=confitem.htm&ConferenceId=401.

Pira Intl.'s Future of Eastern Packaging Markets conference is slated for the same time period as the IPACK IMA show this June in Bologna. Visit Pira at piranet.com, or contact the firm at +44 (0) 1372 802164.

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