Curioni Sun to Unveil Direct-Drive Bag-Production Machine Sun Master 541 at Drupa

GALGAGNANO (LODI) ITALY—Curioni Sun says it will launch the Sun Master 541—square-bottom-bag manufacturing equipment that marks the evolution of the OEM's "well-known" model 540—a fully gearless machine, or a "direct-drive system through brushless motors," explains the company.

The Italy-based manufacturer says its Sun Master 541 features "unbelievable change-over rapidity and precision with minimal manual operation; accurate cutting register with respect to the print; better paper-bag quality; higher production speed; and a PC-based operator interface that's very intuitive and user friendly, which enables operators to make adjustments while running."

States the OEM:

Although Curioni Sun is the youngest company among the square-bottom paper bag-making machine manufacturers, in its 14 years of activity it has introduced the most important innovations in its field.

The prototype introduced in 1991 is still the [only] machine equipped with an in-line handle-making unit; [this particular] paper bag-making machine allows for reduction of overall dimensions and higher reliability in handle application [process].

In addition, Curioni Sun introduced the two transversal mobile longitudinal guides that permit to vary the bag width without replacing the heavy and cumbersome “cores...."

Another achievement by Curioni Sun is the manufacturing of the first completely gearless machine, the model Sun Master 350.

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