Harper's Hands-On FTS Training Tackles Flexo

CHARLOTTE, NC, USA—Harper Corporation of America reports 30 of its associates will complete a hands-on flexographic training course at the Flexographic Trade School (FTS) (located in Charlotte) over the next six-month period. According to Harper, the two-day technical program provides intense, hands-on instruction in the techniques of high-quality flexographic printing; Harper Corp. participants include personnel from sales, technical services, customer service, marketing, and manufacturing.

Harper says five of its associates already have completed the course and give the program (which was developed by Art Fields, FTS owner and director) a hearty thumbs up. "Harper Corporation's primary objective is to have all key personnel keenly aware of the latest flexographic technology," says Margie Kluttz, VP at Harper. "[This will] enable them to comprehend fully the printer's challenges in his or her daily working environment and to help solve our customer's problems."

For a schedule of FTS industry-training classes, visit the trade school at weareflexo.com. According to Harper, these classes are offered free training to teachers and students that are enrolled in the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA)/Tag and Label Manufacturer's Institute (TLMI) Flexo in High School/Colleges program.

Visit Harper Corporation at harperimage.com.

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