GretagMacbeth Offers Fundamentals of Color Workshops

NEW WINDSOR, NY, USA—In an effort to support education in color science, GretagMacbeth is sponsoring a national series of color workshops. Fundamentals of Color will address: color communication within a company's supply chain; resolving specific color issues; and establishing corporate color guidelines. Each session consists of a one-day basic and advanced workshop. Schedule of workshop dates follows:

  • March 13 and 14, Grand Rapids, MI, USA
  • March 20 and 21, Dallas, TX, USA
  • April 17 and 18, Milwaukee, WI, USA
  • May 8 and 9, Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • May 22 and 23, Natick, MA, USA
  • May 29 and 30, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • June 5 and 6, Emeryville, CA, USA
  • June 12 and 13, Portland, OR, USA
For more information, contact GretagMacbeth at 800/622-2384. Visit the color-management product provider at

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