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InkJet Introduces New Anser Smart Printhead Designed for Automated Production Line Integration

Photo courtesy of InkJet

InkJet’s latest product offering is the ANSER Smart Printhead, a compact high-resolution inkjet printer designed for production automation and system integration. Boasting the world's smallest controller, it is designed to fit into tight production spots on automated production lines. And with its interchangeable printhead technology, it provides a wide range of ink selection for different substrate coding demands. 

“The Smart PH is designed for applications that require advanced connectivity and complete data management with their printing solution” said Omar Torres, Portfolio Product Manager at InkJet.

To complement the Smart Printhead, customers will benefit from its central management platform, Xonnect. Xonnect Software allows real-time monitoring of coding equipment and provides data analysis reports for production efficiency improvements.

Xonnect is a powerful tool that empowers plant managers and engineers to navigate complex production lines with ease, reduces repetitive tasks and ensures consistent, high-quality output.

The new Smart Printhead is now available for integration worldwide. For more information, visit www.inkjetinc.com.

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