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OXO Packaging is Focusing on Improvements in Sustainable Food Packaging With Kraft

According to the US Environment Protection Agency (EPA), sustainable packaging has become a primary concern for consumers' purchases. Among US consumers, about 70 percent of the people prioritize sustainable food packaging for better health and environmental safety.

Though the demand for sustainable food packaging is rising, Kraft is deliberately considered a significant choice for packaging companies. A survey in 2020 shows that about 78 percent of people buy food in eco-friendly packaging which represents the power of kraft.

Food packaging materials like biodegradable or edible packaging which have minimal environmental impact become a major global concern nowadays. Kraft material is made from wood pulp and 100 percent recycled material. It has zero bleach or toxic chemical elements which increase the food efficacy. For food industries, using Kraft packaging can improve the efficiency of supply chains and overall business growth.

Ensuring food protection by keeping the environment safe with eco-friendly packaging represents the consumer's preferences. OXO Packaging is now shifting its focus to kraft packaging in its efforts to limit the company's overall environmental impact and help improve the food packaging industry.

The company plans to play an important role in manufacturing Kraft packaging to help food brands meet sustainable food packaging standards. Their lineup of sustainable kraft packaging will also help food companies draw more attention to their products.

OXO Packaging is focusing on food safety and standard regulations in the US to employ kraft material for protecting the food.

The company believes that its kraft packaging solutions will help food businesses address the issues of plastic packaging and use eco-friendly kraft boxes to attract customers and maximize food protection for thousands of food industries.

OXO Packaging provides customization features of Kraft packaging to meet the needs of food companies. To boost the persuasiveness of sustainable packaging, they are using different kraft packaging styles. With these different packaging styles, companies can easily impress their customers to make more purchases.

They manufacture gable kraft boxes for easy food carriers, food sleeve boxes for retail purposes, and food take-out boxes to keep food fresh. The company is also an expert in making Kraft paper food trays and Kraft Pizza boxes to enhance their customers' experiences. By offering a large range of kraft box customization, they become one of the best packaging choices for food companies. Their offering helps small or large businesses that are interested in targeting the eco-conscious buyer.

OXO Packaging also provides biodegradable plastics like cacti plastics to help food brands that want to package food items in compostable plastics. With their efforts, it’s expected that more food businesses will be able to meet the changing needs of customers and also be able to meet the legal packaging requirements.

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