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Charter Next Generations Builds Extensive Portfolio of Store Drop-off Ready Films with 250 How2Recycle ® Pre-qualification Letters

Charter Next Generation (CNG), a leading innovator in sustainable films, has received its 250th How2Recycle ® Store Drop-off pre-qualification letter. CNG's vast portfolio of pre-qualified films, which ranges from off-the-shelf varieties to custom blends, makes it easy for companies to make environmentally responsible choices while pursuing Store Drop-off qualification on their own. 

 How2Recycle is a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates disposal instructions to the public. It is driven by a coalition of brands that want consumers to be empowered through smart labeling systems. Pre-qualification allows material manufacturers and converters to vet their products in advance to qualify to use the How2Recycle Store Drop-off label. 

 Companies are increasingly building environmental stewardship into their brands in line with customer sentiment. Utilizing Store Drop-off collection allows brands to actively contribute to recycling efforts, reduce their environmental impact, and align with broader environmental goals.

 "How2Recycle congratulates our member CNG for reaching 250 pre-qualification letters," said Kaleigh Reno, Senior Project Manager at How2Recycle. "CNG's wide array of pre-qualified films helps move the industry forward by maximizing the opportunities for Store Drop-off after final conversion."

 "This milestone reflects our ongoing dedication to providing brands with solutions that align with environmental goals," said Joe Glaser, Corporate Sustainability Engineer at CNG. "With a focus on customizability, functionality, and eco-conscious practices, CNG strives to lead the industry toward a more sustainable future."

 For more information, visit cnginc.com.

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