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High-performance Stretch Wrap Films Improve Puncture Resistance for Better Product Protection

  • High puncture resistance
  • Reduced material usage**
  • Easy processability


Produce high-performance stretch wrap films for better product protection and safer transportation

Termoplasticos Antartida, a leading converter based in Argentina, wanted to create high-performance stretch wrap films that delivered better protection for sharp-edged products, like bricks, that are often transported on pallets.

“We needed to better protect items transported on pallets that possessed sharp edges. Bricks, in particular, were a problem,” said Pedro Cejas, Gerente de planta, Termoplasticos Antartida. “When the film is stretched around the pallet, the sharp corners of the bricks subject the film to tremendous stress often causing the film to puncture. A film with high puncture resistance can provide better product protection and make transportation safer.”

Ultimately, Termoplasticos Antartida wanted to meet the needs of Brand Owners and the value chain by creating a premium performance stretch wrap film that would enhance its brand reputation and lead to the acquisition of new customers.


Exceed™ XP 8346 improves puncture resistance for less risk of stretch wrap film failure

Termoplasticos Antartida collaborated with ExxonMobil’s polyethylene business which is renowned for driving film innovation for high-performance packaging solutions through value chain collaboration.

“After two years of development and testing, the new 7-layer stretch wrap film includes Exceed™ XP 8346 which improves puncture resistance compared to current market alternatives,” said Cejas. “The film is less liable to puncture for better protection and product containment.”


High performance stretch wrap films for product protection and safe transportation

Compared to Termoplasticos Antartidas’ previous formulation, ESTL FPT-750 tests demonstrated that on average the new stretch wrap film, including Exceed™ XP 8346 performance polyethylene, delivered:

  • 24 percent increase in puncture resistance at maximum force
  • 17 percent improvement in puncture displacement
  • 71 percent increase in puncture energy

Tests at the end user indicate that the new stretch wrap film delivers better puncture performance than current market alternatives. It offers premium wrapping capability, while reducing material use** and enhancing pallet aesthetics. The film can also reduce the possibility of product returns and improve pallet transportation safety.

“The collaboration with ExxonMobil has been such a success that it has helped us acquire new customers,” said Cejas. “We are now doing business with companies that we have never dealt with previously.”

**  Compared to previous solution

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