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MG America and Romaco North America Announce Strategic Alliance in North American Manufacturing Equipment Marketplace

Combining strengths of sales, field service and support teams, companies will offer complementary processing and packaging machinery.

MG America, the U.S. subsidiary of MG2 of Bologna, Italy and a leading supplier of processing and packaging equipment, is announcing a strategic alliance with prominent life sciences equipment provider Romaco North America to cross-promote and sell complementary production machinery. The agreement synergizes machinery offerings from two key pharma industry equipment players, allowing each to offer a more comprehensive range of market-proven solutions to their respective customer bases.

Among other benefits, customers of both MG America and Romaco North America will see enhanced equipment servicing options; combined, the two companies can deploy more than a dozen field service technicians in various geographies throughout the US & Canada. Each company is also able to leverage the other’s outstanding industry reputation, while offering a wider range of precision-crafted equipment.

While both companies offer robust, multidisciplined product lineups, the alliance largely focuses on complementary solutions. For instance, MG America will now be offering its customers several packaging platforms from Romaco, including popular cartoners such as the Promatic P 91 intermittent motion and Promatic PC 4200 continuous motion models. On the processing side, MG America will also be showcasing Romaco’s Kilian series of tablet presses, along with a variety of sophisticated coating and granulation equipment.

In turn, Romaco will highlight MG America’s full line of capsule filling machinery – including the recently introduced Essentia, a compact, versatile unit suitable for medium- to large-batch manufacturing that offers minimal production floorspace allocation, easy cleaning, and simplified maintenance. Romaco will also be able to sell a wide range of MG America packaging equipment, including case packers, tray formers, sachet machines and palletizers.

“Teaming up with our friends at Romaco provides an immediate, turnkey array of solutions that align with and supplement our own equipment portfolio,” said Claudio Radossi, President of MG America. “Synergistic relationships are designed to make all parties stronger, and this agreement certainly accomplishes that – not only for Romaco and MG America but for our growing, evolving customer bases.”

Sabri Demirel, Managing Director for Romaco North America, agrees: “Combining our strengths allows each company not only to expand its portfolio with proven, highly regarded solutions, but also grow the resources we have in the sales and servicing field. This alliance takes two companies with decades in the market and strong name recognition and makes them even more attractive to pharma manufacturers and other customers.”

For more information, visit www.mgamerica.com or   www.romaco.com.

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