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TekniPlex Consumer Products Introduces Rubber Sheets and Rollstock for Die-Cutting & Converting Applications in Various Markets

Made in the USA & Europe, and available in a variety of thicknesses, TekniPlex’s polymer constructions are ideal for gaskets, seals, valves, and washers in a broad range of applications.  

TekniPlex Consumer Products, a globally integrated provider of innovative solutions through materials science and manufacturing technologies, now offers rubber sheets and rollstock suitable for producing gaskets, seals, valves, and washers used in a broad spectrum of industries – from food and beverage and household products to automotive and lawn and garden. Available in a wide range of thicknesses, the TekniPlex Consumer Products’ 36-inch-wide rubber sheets are produced through custom compounding directed by the company’s dedicated rubber chemists.

TekniPlex rubber sheets and rollstock are manufactured at production facilities in the United States and Europe. A wide range of base rubber polymers are available, including neoprene, nitrile, butyl, EPDM, and Viton. TekniPlex’s on-site testing environments allow for tight thickness tolerances (from 0.028-0.25”) and expedient development of custom-designed solutions.

For decades, TekniPlex has been a prominent manufacturer of performance-oriented rubber solutions. Among other recent developments, the company’s investment in a new mixing system has expanded its custom compounding capacity, allowing it to offer upstream formations like rubber sheets and rollstock while meeting growing demand for finished rubber products.

“TekniPlex has built a strong reputation as a developer and manufacturer of protective rubber products in sectors nearly as broad as our solutions themselves,” said Vaishali Patel, Senior Director of Sales, Integrated Performance Solutions, Americas, TekniPlex Consumer Products. “Now, our unsurpassed rubber engineering capabilities and recent infrastructure investments have made it possible for TekniPlex to supply the base rubber substrates in addition to the final rubber-based products – offering converters and die-cutters a steady, reliable stream of versatile rubber polymers.”

For more information, visit www.tekni-plex.com/consumer.

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