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At Productronica, IDENTCO to Showcase New Automated Wire Marking System and Enhanced Polyimide Masking Products

Ideal for applying self-laminating & flag labels to wires, company’s durable VortexID can handle up to 20 products/min and operate 24/7.

IDENTCO – a manufacturer of high-performance labeling solutions for the power equipment, electronics, transportation and general industrial sectors – will feature its rugged new automated wire marking system at Productronica, November 14-17 in Munich. At Stand A2.557, the company will offer live demonstrations of VortexID, whose stamina and speed raise benchmarks for wire and harness label application.

In addition, IDENTCO will highlight its ability to supply labels in customized shapes and sizes for precision-dependent surface mount technology (SMT) manufacturing lines, as well as its recently enhanced series of polyimide masking products. The company’s PT Polyimide Discs comprise high-temperature film with silicone adhesive utilized for thermal and electrical insulation. The silicone adhesive’s exemplary release properties offer ample protection. The discs are provided on a liner and supplied on a core or REEL ETM for automated application settings.

VortexID can precisely place up to 20 labels per minute – outpacing other automated units and doubling the output of even the most efficient manual setups – and operate 24/7, a welcome upgrade from the continuous use limitations of many label applicators. The machine can handle a variety of American wire gauge sizes (AWGs), making it suitable for a broad array of sectors whose products incorporate wires and harnesses – particularly automotive and electronics components manufacturing. It offers high-resolution, 300dpi printing capabilities, with labels applied via a vacuum plate whose rotating mechanism ensures reliable application to cylindrical products.

Notably, IDENTCO’s VortexID is materials agnostic, expanding customer choice and potentially decreasing overall materials costs. The unit can apply both self-laminating and flag labels, an attractive two-for-one modularity accomplished by an interchangeable applicator. This versatility by design is another differentiator, providing customers with a flexible solution that eliminates the need to purchase specific machines for each label type. For both types, the VortexID’s application consistency and repeatability ensure neat, secure labels whose crucial product traceability and electronics testing information must be pristinely printed and unobscured.

Still, the new unit’s robustness may be its most groundbreaking strength. While most automated applicators in its space max out at eight hours of continuous use, VortexID can operate continuously, processing thousands more products per day.

For more information, visit www.identco.com.

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