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At Pack Expo, CVC Technologies to Highlight Acquisition of Encapsulation Specialist Changsung Softgel System

Acquisition expands CVC Technologies’ reach in rapidly growing softgel capsules niche; latest softgel capsule filler to be showcased at Pack Expo.  

CVC Technologies, Inc. USA, a designer and supplier of a wide array of pharmaceutical packaging and processing equipment, has acquired encapsulation specialist Changsung Softgel System. Among other notable achievements, Changsung Softgel System recently developed superior softgel-based active ingredient delivery solutions for pharma and nutraceuticals applications. The acquisition will be showcased for the first time in the US at Pack Expo Las Vegas, September 11-13, at CVC Technologies Booth SL-6831.

CVC Technologies manufactures an array of pharmaceutical packaging and processing equipment, including capsule and tablet counters, liquid products fillers, powder fillers, bottle unscramblers, air washers, labelers, desiccant and cotton inserters, and foil sealers. Acquiring Changsung Softgel System further solidifies CVC Technologies as a leader in pharma production machinery, and substantially enhances its stature as a premium softgel encapsulation process equipment supplier.

Corresponding with its acquisition, at Pack Expo CVC Technologies will showcase one of Changsung’s latest softgel capsule filling machines, the Changsung 990SR. Benefits of the state-of-the-art machine include an expanded die roll size for higher output, adjustable on the fly injection timing, automatic alignment of the die roll to home position, and implementation of thermo-chilling technology for more efficient cooling. The unit is expected to increase productivity by 36.4% compared with its previous model, 880SR (softgel size Oval #10), and can run a variety of shapes and capsule sizes.

Softgel capsules offer several advantages over other oral dosage forms, such as improved oral bioavailability of a poorly soluble compound, flexible (and therefore easier to swallow) shapes, and the ability to deliver low and ultra-low doses of a compound or low melting compounds. Changsung’s recent softgel breakthrough promises to improve the delivery of medications and supplements to physiological targets while increasing operational efficiency during the manufacturing process. Combined with expanding availability and viability of vegetable-based capsules, the softgel market is experiencing an impressive 10 percent compound annual growth rate.

According to Kevin Chang, General Manager of CVC Technologies' global headquarters in Taiwan, a dual brand strategy will be employed to enhance overall market presence. Among other locales, the new CVC-Changsung will expand to major regions in North America and India, offering a comprehensive range of products with complete service plans. Acquiring Changsung also makes CVC Technologies poised to expand further into the softgels category by focusing on upstream production.

“Growing our substantial machinery portfolio through a premium provider like Changsung Softgel System aligns with CVC Technologies' long-term business strategies and direction, and the combination of technologies and resources will create new opportunities for success,” said Devin Mears, General Manager North & Latin America for CVC Technologies, Inc. USA. “We’re delighted to be welcoming the Changsung team into the CVC Technologies family, and look forward to showcasing our combined strengths at Pack Expo.”

Learn more at www.cvcusa.com.

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