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Roll-2-Roll Introduces ODC 960 Sensor

Roll-2-Roll Technologies introduces its latest product, the ODC 960 sensor. Boasting a sensing range of 37.8 inches and a resolution of 0.005" or 0.127 mm, the ODC 960 sets a new industry standard for wide-range sensors, providing unparalleled precision for converters seeking the utmost accuracy in their converting applications.

The innovative Roll-2-Roll® Sensor technology mimics camera-based systems, offering superior measurement accuracy and resolution. Combined with the user-friendly Roll-2-Roll® Controller, the system delivers a streamlined, easy-to-use solution that any operator can manage.

One of the ODC 960's most notable features is its one-sided sensor design, allowing for installation near or on a roller. This unique configuration provides multiple benefits, including web stabilization, air removal, and a compact footprint that fits easily into tight spaces, minimizing the risk of sensor damage from threading errors. The one-sided design also enables downward-facing installation, leveraging gravity to reduce dust accumulation.

The ODC 960's modular design integrates the light source, optics, and 1D camera within a compact profile, facilitating close web installation and enhancing measurement resolution and accuracy. This design eliminates the need for external lighting, gantry construction, and long working distances typically required by conventional camera solutions.

Furthermore, the ODC 960's linear optics deliver 1:1 magnification with higher resolution, mitigating lens distortion or aberrations commonly associated with circular lens optics. The camera's field of view does not affect the measurement resolution or working distance, offering unparalleled accuracy and precision to engineers and technical personnel.

Roll-2-Roll Technologies' President, Aravind Seshadri, shared his thoughts on the new ODC 960 sensor: "Our customers consistently request wider sensors, as they enhance operator safety by eliminating the need for manual repositioning, reduce operator errors, and save time. We're proud to offer this highly sought-after feature while maintaining exceptional resolution even at such an expansive sensing range." Seshadri also highlighted the versatility of the ODC 960, stating, "The applications for this sensor include web guiding, web width measurement, thread/elastic counting, strip width measurement, flag detection, splice detection, and many more."

Roll-2-Roll Technologies will unveil the ODC 960 at the Converters Expo show in April 2023, where they will showcase their full range of web inspection and control solutions at booth 11. The Converters Expo will take place at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on April 13, presenting an exciting opportunity for attendees to discover the latest advancements in web inspection and control technology.

Roll-2-Roll Technologies is committed to providing exceptional customer support and service for their products. With an experienced team of engineers and technical staff, the company offers comprehensive training, installation assistance, and ongoing support to ensure customers can fully leverage the capabilities of their products. This commitment to customer satisfaction has positioned Roll-2-Roll Technologies as a trusted partner in the converting industry.

In addition to their robust product lineup, Roll-2-Roll Technologies is dedicated to continuous innovation and development. The company actively invests in research and development to stay at the forefront of the industry, ensuring that their customers benefit from the latest technological advancements in web inspection and control solutions.

For more information, visit: https://r2r.tech/products/odc-960.

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