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Lessebo Paper, with Bonnier Books and Livonia Print, launches green paper quality for printing

Lessebo Paper is partnering with Bonnier Books and Livonia Print in launching the paper quality Livonia Zero Offset by Lessebo Paper. This is an initiative from the three companies to minimize the carbon footprint of printed books, developing a new paper quality for high quality printing that does not compromise with environmental performance of the product.

In total, the production of pulp and paper emits 25kg CO2 per tonne finished paper, which is significantly lower than the European average. In addition, all CO2 emissions from the production process of pulp and paper are compensated through a Gold Standard project. Livonia Zero Offset by Lessebo Paper is a white, uncoated paper quality available in gram weights from 100 gsm up to 140 gsm as standard. The paper is Cradle to Cradle Certified® at Gold level, and FSC® Certified and has a high opacity and a rough surface to provide the best reading experience.

The bulk of the paper is specially developed to give the book a pleasant thickness and weight. Furthermore, Livonia Zero Offset by Lessebo Paper is a quality developed for high performance printing machines and is available in both reels and sheets. The paper is produced in Sweden and contains locally sourced raw materials.

Learn more at https://lessebopaper.com/, https://www.livoniaprint.lv/home and https://bonnierbooks.com/.

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