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The Killer Brownie® Co’s New Product Turner Exceeds Customer Expectations

When your customer boasts their satisfaction with equipment you recently provided, including video of the machine in action, it’s a big deal.  Katherine Yates, Operations Manager at The Killer Brownie® Company, did just that.

Multi-Conveyor recently caught up with Ms. Yates, along with Matt Tye, The Killer Brownie Company Packaging Operations Manager, at the recent Pack Expo East trade show. Watch the video as Matt and Katherine discuss the benefits of their new sanitary constructed, single tray dual lane product turning conveyor required to rotate single lane brownie containers 90°.  

“We got the Multi-Conveyor about two weeks ago. So, last Tuesday we had a big run on product in this type of container (he holds up a plastic tray). Before, 80-90 packs a minute is about where we could go before our (t-arm) turner would fail and jam up.  With the Multi-Conveyor, now we’re pushing between 100-110 packs per minute with no issues at all. And, actually, we had to upgrade other parts of the line to keep up with the Multi-Conveyor. Really, really happy with it so far", explained Matt.

To improve consistency, packaging speeds and boost capacity, Multi-Conveyor provided the 60” long dual strand system, sized to The Killer Brownie Company overall footprint specifications, designed to meet or exceed a requested 120 trays per minute. Dual lane product turning conveyors are simultaneously straight running, moving at varying speeds that cause the required tray rotation needed for the labeling process downstream. Precise adjustments are calculated to ensure proper gap between the trays without collision.

A low profile infeed accommodated the existing wall opening. The stainless steel, hygienic wash down constructed conveyor included bolted stand-offs for guide rail brackets, flange bearings and floor supports.

All welds are continuous, cleaned and passivated for sanitation.  Pre-wired VFD’s and E-stops were also included for ease of operation. All equipment is fully assembled and tested prior to shipment at Multi-Conveyors facility. 

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