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New Bopp Film With Improved Thermal Resistance

Innovia Films is launching a new film in its Propafilm™ range of transparent speciality packaging films. CHS offers improved thermal resistance and shrinkage properties compared to conventional polypropylene films. It has been designed to substitute traditional outer web films in laminates for applications such as pouches and lidding in various food markets.

“With CHS, we have developed a BOPP film with enhanced functionality which allows the film to be used in new application areas. We have been particularly successful with the film’s performance as the outer film of laminate structures used in retort pouch applications,” said Paul Watters, product development manager packaging, Innovia Films. “In this application area there are a lot of mixed material laminates used and because of the drive towards simplified structures it is important to offer alternatives to the traditional films used and CHS is a part of this solution.”

“CHS will help our customer on the journey towards developing new structures based on mono-materials for better and more efficient recycling in the future,” he added.

CHS, like many other Propafilm products, has been classified as Made for Recycling by Interseroh.

“The Interseroh certification of CHS demonstrates that the film can be recycled in countries where the infrastructure exists to recycle polypropylene,” said Watters.

For more information, visit http://www.innoviafilms.com.

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