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Pacificolor Hires Industry Expert Bart Wright

Pacificolor announced that Bart Wright will be joining Pacificolor as vice president technical sales/service, effective December 1.

Bart will be joining the company from InterFlex Group where he was the director of North America graphics for 9 years. Bringing over 20 years of experience working in manufacturing and graphics, Bart looks forward to helping to grow and solidify Pacificolor as one of the leader’s in the industry through continued innovation, disruptive technologies and providing unmatched customer service.

Two notable attributes Bart brings to Pacificolor and the entire industry:

  • Technology expertise - specifically with high definition printing, Bart brings an unparalleled knowledge and skill for implementation with new customers. His real-life experience and breadth of work in ultra-high definition printing, ProjectBlue, is a real asset to the business; and
  • Industry involvement - honorably participated in several roles with the FTA, previously serving 5 years as a judge, conference speaker and co-chair of the fall FTA conference. Currently he is the co-chair of the FTA Annual Forum, which is to be held in Kansas City, KS in May 2021.

“​I am excited about the opportunity, a lot of stuff Tim does is advanced, high end stuff. We have worked together on many projects with great success. Tim wants to grow and do cool innovative things. It’s exciting to be a part of that growth,​” said Bart.

“​Bart brings with him a new level of customer support and technical expertise, particularly, a unique skill set for ultra-high definition printing. Bart has real life experience and excels in the implementation process. He manages the operators, helps troubleshoot and diagnose while providing a next level customer service,” said Tim Hirsch, owner, Pacificolor, LLC. “​Bart is a great compliment to our business, and we look forward to seeing where we can go. The future is unlimited.”

For more information, visit https://www.pacificolor.com.

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