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Roberts Mart Acquires Comexi S1 DT Slitter and Remains at the Forefront of the Flexible Packaging Market

Roberts Mart & Co Ltd, the leading independent company in the British market for high quality packaging printing, has acquired a Comexi S1 DT slitter. This purchase is Roberts Mart’s sixth Comexi slitter, and the second one of this model.

Roberts Mart & Co Ltd supplies a wide range of collation shrink wrap, laminated films, and high quality printed flexible packaging to customers in the food and beverage, confectionery & pet food markets. It has also developed SpectRM, a flexographic print comparable to that of gravure. SpectRM has won over 40 awards worldwide for its color consistency and ultra-high definition of print.

“Roberts Mart & Co Ltd has been a very important customer for many years. At Comexi we have always had the most innovative solution for their requirements, which are extremely high, and that has meant that the synergy between the two companies to be uninterrupted”, said Ramon Jonama, area manager, UK/Ireland, Comexi.

The Comexi S1 DT reportedly provides excellent results in both quality and productivity, notwithstanding the most demanding projects, due to its regulated control elements and high degree of automation. Cores, knifes, and almost every machine adjustment part is self-calibrating, resulting from an extremely interactive and amiable user interface.

This unique automation of the Comexi S1 DT could give the operator the ability to load the reel into the machine and, if the configuration is appropriate, to deliver completed reels, which are palletized and singularly wrapped in bags, without operator intervention.

The turret of the Comexi S1 DT is able to perform jobs with a large output reel number, and it is reportedly capable of working with the thickest structures used in the flexible packaging market.

This machine has the NIP tension gap system with which different rewinding and unwinding tensions can be used. Moreover, the Comexi S1 DT allows for a high degree of customization, as well as many automated options.

For more information, visit https://comexi.com.

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