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Newest Generation of Packaging Solutions Produced at EcoCortec, the First Croatian Biopastics Plant

EcoCortec’s team announced that patented EcoSol® water soluble pouches will be available from EcoCortec®, Cortec’s European bioplastics plant located in Croatia. This will enable prompt delivery of custom-made pouches to European and Asian customers. Vibrant EcoSol® technology represents latest generation of packaging solutions.

This water soluble, biodegradable, polyvinylalcohol (PVOH) film is reportedly suited for various packaging applications. Water soluble PVOH bags, sachets, or pouches created from this film provide a convenient, safe, and economical delivery system for a wide range of products.

EcoSol film has excellent organic solvent resistance, which allows EcoSol pouches and bags to be used not only for dry powders, but also for liquid products. This innovative film reportedly offers very good mechanical properties: tensile strength, tear strength and puncture resistance. Products packaged in EcoSol can be thrown into a treatment area without removing the film.

After few minutes of immersion at the specified temperature, EcoSol dissolves in water leaving a harmless, non-toxic, aqueous solution of polyvinyl alcohol releasing the packaged product to do its work. Once the liquid solution of PVOH comes into contact with common microorganisms, conversion to carbon dioxide and water takes place within about 30 days.

Mechanical properties of EcoSol packaging conform the normative of ASTM D 882-02 for Braking factor, Tensile Strength of break, Elongation and Yield Strength; It's Tear Strength is tested according ASTM D 1922-06a and Dart Drop Impact resistance - per ASTM D 1709-04.

For more information, visit https://www.cortecvci.com.

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