KM Packaging Launches Mono Material Polypropylene Lidding Films

Global flexible packaging and lidding films supplier KM Packaging has launched a new range of mono-polymer material lidding films, made from polypropylene (PP), that is designed for recyclability.

The sustainable films reportedly seal and peel to PP and PE-lined PP trays and can be used during microwave cooking as well as being suitable for ambient, chilled, or frozen applications.

Part of KM’s K Peel range, it reportedly allows food manufacturers to meet the growing demand, particularly from supermarkets, for mono material packaging that is designed for recycling.

The lidding films are ideal for the packaging of poultry, meat, and chilled prepared foods.

Features include:

  • Mono structure made of one material type;
  • Designed for recyclability;
  • Ideal for use during food preparation and microwave cooking;
  • Peelable from the tray;
  • Suitable for ambient, chilled, or frozen applications;
  • Exceptional transparency;
  • Excellent anti-fog capability; and
  • Available with or without barrier.

The new PP lidding film is reportedly designed for recycling around the world, with some countries already having well-developed recycling infrastructures for polyolefin (polyethylene and polypropylene) plastics.

KM Packaging’s main purpose is to “protect, present, preserve”. That is delivering the best packaging solutions by:

  • Protecting products throughout the entire process, from factory to table;
  • Presenting food in a way that is attractive, professional, and recognisable; and
  • Preserving food and extending shelf-life across the food industry.

“The main goal of our packaging is to look after and protect food. We don't compromise on that. But we're also trying to make sure it’s designed for recyclability and, when appropriate, it's thinner and lighter. These are big drivers in our product-development process,” said Graham Holding, commercial director, KM Packaging.

The new polypropylene lidding film products follow KM’s recent launch of all-polyester (PET), weld-seal, mono-material lidding films within its K Seal range.

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