American Roller R&D Team Expands with Addition of Its Second Ph.D. Chemist

The American Roller research and development team has gained additional in-house support with the recent hiring of AJ Zhu. AJ joins the American Roller team as a VP of research and application development and holds a Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering, bringing over 20 years of experience with compound development.

In addition to growing the R&D capabilities in American Roller’s North American facilities, AJ will also be supporting the growth of the company’s footprint in China by expanding the current coatings operation to include coverings and cores.

“We are really excited to announce the recent hiring of AJ. Our dedication to providing industry leading in-house resources and capabilities puts us in a unique position where we can offer our customers the best technical solutions. American Roller employees are engaged every step of the way, from the initial project consultation to development and manufacturing all the way through to the finished product,” said Dan Cahalane, CEO of American Roller.

With the addition of AJ and Sujata Sarkar the in-house expertise of the R&D team is poised for a long-term direction of focusing on advanced material science technologies across all product groups: rubber, urethane, plasma, polymers, ceramics, etc.

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