ITW Pillar Technologies Celebrates Over 337,000 Man-Hours without a Lost Time Accident

ITW Pillar Technologies, a manufacturer of advanced surface treatment and induction cap sealing systems, is celebrating an important milestone – six consecutive years of "no lost-time accidents" at its Hartland, Wisc. facility.

A lost-time accident is a work-related injury that prevents an employee from being able to carry out his or her regular job duties. This achievement represents over 337,000 work hours logged by its employees.

“This is a significant achievement for our business, and for our ITW Division. It is with great pride that we make this announcement as this is a significant achievement for our business and for our ITW Division that cannot be accomplished without the buy-in of the entire ITW Pillar Technologies team," said Rory Wolf, business unit manager.

ITW Pillar Technologies reportedly believes in a proactive approach to all aspects of health and safety driven through a program of consistent employee engagement to ensure the best working conditions for all employees and contractors.

"Safety at ITW Pillar Technologies has always been a top priority and this milestone is a testimonial to the effectiveness of our safety program and the ITW culture we practice, especially when considering our large-scale capacity and the equipment we manufacture” said Wolf.

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