Dri-Tec Partners with Arete Group

The Arete Group recently announced its newest packaging partner Dri-Tec, the Packaging Division of the Dominion Technologies Group.

For over 40 years Dri-Tec has served the converting industry as a world-class supplier of high performance:

  • Flexographic printers and complete lines;
  • Coaters and laminators;
  • Enclosed doctor blade chambers;
  • Automatic unwinds and rewinds; and
  • High-efficiency drying systems.

As a member of Dominion Technologies Group, Dri-Tec has the capabilities to utilize state of the art technology and facilities to provide robust solutions for the packaging industry, including, but not limited to, new packaging machine builds (e.g., flexo lines, coating lines, complete dryer systems) and complete upgrades to its existing machinery and packaging lines on the plant floor.

Enhanced by the technological capabilities of Dominion, which employees over 200 manufacturing professionals, has three buildings throughout Metro Detroit and locations in China and the UK, all of the new machinery Dri-Tec offers will be completely servo driven and provide the latest automated technology.

For more information, visit www.dri-tec.com

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