Ohtomi Purchases and Installs First MPS Flexo Press

A ten-colour, EF 430 multi-substrate flexo press with the APC (Automated Print Control)  package was purchased and installed by Indonesian printer Ohtomi, which marks its first MPS investment and fourth flexo press.

“In our manufacturing facility, we have 25 letterpress machines, running production of 50-60 percent of the total print jobs,” said Hiroyoshi Oshima, marketing director at Ohtomi. “We embraced flexo as a better alternative for longer print runs.”

For Ohtomi, flexo was reportedly proven as the more favorable solution for its press operators, as flexo presses are less complicated to operate versus letterpress machines. “Automation and pressure control has improved considerably in flexo,” said Oshima. “Nowadays, flexo offers offset quality, which is a great advantage combined with higher productivity compared to letterpress.”

The biggest advantage of letterpress, according to Oshima, is fine-tuning of colors and images.

“Service was one of the main reasons we chose MPS, next to their proven reputation of offering the highest print quality and productivity,” said Oshima. “The MPS service organization is very organized and customer-focused, with their offering the Red Box with spare parts, remote support, as well as local expert engineer service from their regional office in Kuala Lumpur. We also have a good relationship with Ahmad Sopian, the local MPS agent in Indonesia.”

Ohtomi plans to purchase at least one additional MPS press within a year, and more in the future.

For more information, visit www.mps4u.com.

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