KYMC Establishes Stronger Presence in Philippines

KYMC is reportedly working to establish a stronger presence in the South East Asian region. KYMC is optimistic towards countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam. In 2017 the company started to put in more resources into helping these regions.

In the Philippines, KYMC had partnered up with a local player, Ideal Marketing & Manufacturing Corporation to serve the market. The company already has a history of strong presence in the region. On top of the company’s abundance of experience in the printing and converting industry.

On March 29, 2019 KYMC held an open house in the Philippines, where a seminar at the hotel was held in conjunction with a press demonstration at our client’s factory. The seminar was organized into two sections, with the first section focusing on environmental topics and industry trends. The second section focused on KYMC’s capabilities to support our customers through case studies sharing. How KYMC supported public traded companies to cut cost and increase production efficiencies to remain competitive on the market. How KYMC worked with our customers even long before the purchase of the machines to ensure the customers need was addressed and can be fulfilled…etc.

During the press demonstration at the client’ factory, two print jobs were demonstrated. One job was conducted on coated paper, and the other was on BOPP film. The changeover time was completed under five minutes, with a total wastage less than 50 meters during the setup, and had the press running at 400meter / min under tight registration accuracy.

“I am surprised by how fast the KYMC press is able to align its registration, said a Starbuck’s coffee paper cup supplier.

“I am impressed at the amount of experience that KYMC has in helping customers switch from the rotogravure process over to the flexo production process successfully, and how far KYMC is willing to go in helping its customers,” said a supplier of Jollibee, Philippines largest fast-food chain restaurant.

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