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Vetaphone Versatility Opens New Opportunities for TC Transcontinental

Stephen Barnette said TC Transcontinental’s experience with Vetaphone technology in the UK was a positive influence on the decision to specify it for the U.S. plant.

Vetaphone has collaborated with TC Transcontinental, formerly Coveris Advanced Coatings, to install Corona systems at its U.S. manufacturing plant in Matthews, N.C., as part of a strategic plan to standardise production with its sister plant in the UK.  The new system allows TC Transcontinental to expand its product portfolio for advanced coatings and provide current and potential customers with additional services. 

“TC Transcontinental was a challenge because of the power treatment requirements at both the high and low end,” said Ted Wolski, Vetaphone, area sales manager for the U.S. “They wanted a system that could run low power, like their previous model, but they also wanted to treat a special material with an exceptionally high factor. With our Dynamic Low Power adapter (DLP), we were able to hit both ends of the spectrum with just the one treater.”

The newest unit installed at Transcontinental Matthews is a VE1C model with a 1920mm width powered by 6kW iCorona generator.  Of the many production lines at Transcontinental Matthews, two are now equipped with Vetaphone corona treaters.

“As demand continues to evolve and new substrates enter the market, Vetaphone systems allow us to run many more types of films and meet our ever-growing customer needs,” said George Rose, vice president, global sales and marketing at Transcontinental Advanced Coatings.  “The fine control offered by Vetaphone Corona technology plays an important part in helping us deliver improved printing and coating quality, and stronger lamination strength, thus bolstering our position in demanding technologies such as automotive and conductive films markets.”

“We have enjoyed good on-site training and after-sales support from Vetaphone, but most of all we are working with a supplier that provides a service not just a product. They were key to the smooth installation process and helped with UL accreditation,” said Stephen Barnette, process engineer at Transcontinental Matthews. “It was a real bonus for us to join forces with them and it surely speaks volumes for their commitment to the U.S. market.” 

For more information, visit www.vetaphone.com.

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