Avery Dennison Offers Thermal Print Technology

MENTOR, OH | Avery Dennison is adding Platinum Thermal technology to its portfolio of products for thermal printing. This technology is said to offer a unique combination of printing flexibility and output durability for applications requiring the crispness of thermal printing.

Company says the technology can help converters meet brand owner needs across a wide spectrum of applications, including food rotation, chemical product packaging, retail/home store/garden center, automotive, industrial, inventory management, and test tube labeling. Platinum Thermal consists of a surface-printable polyolefin film and a black pigment built into the film construction that eliminates the need for DT coatings (e.g. leuco dye). Printed images reportedly remain crisp and clear, even with exposure to heat, cold, light, water, or time. Based on supplier testing, specific performance features include the following:

  • Temperature resistance—Stable up to 121 deg C (250 deg F)
  • UV resistance—Images remain crisp, even after 18 mos of outdoor expos
  • Chemical resistance—Volatile chemicals evaporate quickly and leave the printed images undisturbed

“Platinum Thermal technology is another addition to the Avery Dennison portfolio aimed at improving convenience and quality for our converter customers, providing a unique solution for applications requiring the best of two worlds: DT and TT technologies,” says Agata Kowalska, associate product manager, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials - North America. “It’s ideal for applications where a user wants the advantages of on-demand printing but needs a high quality image that will not fade over time, even when exposed to extreme conditions.”

Company offers Platinum Thermal technology in two constructions: one featuring AT20 all-temperature adhesive, and another using the general-purpose S2501 adhesive that covers a wide selection of end-use applications. The adhesives are mated to a 3-mil Platinum Film and utilize a 40#SCK liner. The AT20 construction is available through the company’s EXACT service program, which offers customers an opportunity to further reduce waste by ordering specified roll widths and lengths. Both products are available with next-day shipping, supporting just-in-time inventory management.

Platinum Thermal constructions will also be available as Engineered Solutions. If a standard specification is not compatible with a customer’s application, the company’s technical leaders can create an engineered solution product that meets a customer’s requirements.

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