Goss Software Improves Ink Key Accuracy

DURHAM, NH | Goss International offers a software package developed to compensate for naturally occurring ink mechanism wear as equipment ages. This package is standard on company’s new equipment shipped after May 2017, requires no mechanical parts, and is said to require only minimal downtime for installation.

This package is also available as an enhancement to company’s existing presses that utilize Ink Key Motor Part Number WP5433089 in combination with the Ethernet Ink Key Control Board Part Number WP5619741-02 or WP5918300-01. *This enhancement is not compatible with Gabnet Ink Key Control Board 5372527.

Company says the software ensures that an ink key will move to exactly the position that the operator or the closed-loop color system commands. The improvements are made internal to the software and automatically occur every time an ink key move is made. The existing operator interface and hardware are not affected. No operator training is necessary, and the entire upgrade can be done remotely.

Benefits reportedly include increased ink key accuracy with every move; more accurate presets; reduction in the number of key moves to arrive at the target position or density; decrease in the amount of time and substrate to achieve good copy.

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