Eagle Systems Certifies Cartamundi

DALLAS, TX | Cartamundi, a manufacturer of cards and cartons, recently completed an intensive certification process from Eagle Systems for its entire pressroom staff. The training was conducted on the Eco-Eagle Cold Foil system, installed in 2013.

“We wanted to retrain and institute processes and procedures in pressroom, and it had been a while since we installed it,” says Bob Nickel, EVP Operations, Cartamundi–Dallas. “We run extended hours on that press and wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page with the process. Now, all the pressmen are certified… we brought the whole team in.”

To ensure everyone was able to complete the training (20 pressmen and another 8 from management and support staff), Cartamundi decided to take the approach of shutting down its entire press operations for a shift and a half, on a Saturday, ensuring everyone had the time. The training course was a full day of on-site instruction with Eagle Systems personnel. A third of the time was conducted in classroom instruction, and another eight hours were spent on the press itself.

Press superintendent David Adams says, “We wanted every pressman to understand how cold foil on press applications impacts our stocks. There was a lot of misconception, and we were able to demonstrate how the cylinder pressures play a role in the process.”

Cartamundi is dedicated to certifications and training for its staff, with other certifications including ISO, G7, GRAcOL 2013, and FSC under their belts as well. And they are taking the PowerPoint from the Eagle training course and writing up their own materials to go along with it. “As we have new employees come in, we want to be able to cross-train them with the same program,” says Nickel.

Nickel explains that Cartamundi takes quality seriously. He reports the Eco-Eagle Cold Foil press already gave them an advantage over their competitors, and with their entire operation now trained in the same processes, they anticipate even better results.

“Cartamundi is an example of cold foil done right,” says Mike King, President, Eagle Systems. “They are just as passionate about getting it right as we are, and we are pleased to have been able to do this comprehensive certification program with them. We are looking forward to continuing to support them well into the future.”

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