Menges Roller Announces Expansion

WAUCONDA, IL | Menges Roller reports it is well underway on a multifaceted expansion involving major plant and equipment upgrades. Company says the expansion will it to keep up with year-over-year growth and keep its high standing in the commercial manufacture of rollers and coverings serving the industries of converting, steel, packaging, plastics, and other industrial uses of large rolls for industry.

The multimillion dollar expansion of the plant floor will double the manufacturing footprint and provide a division between the two core competencies of rubber roller covering and core/heat transfer roller manufacturing. President, Matt Menges says this is the first time a new machine tool has been placed on order that ever listed in excess of one million dollars. “Our plant is now full CNC on the core manufacturing side, which enables us to manufacture in the most efficient means possible.”

He adds, “Our new lathe has capacity to 72 inches in diameter and 275 inches in length with live tooling and three-axis machining capability.” The entire new addition is designed to be serviced by 4–10 ton overhead cranes giving 40,000 lbs of lifting capacity per bay to service the ever increasing roll sizes that we manufacture regularly.”

The company expects completion of the building addition in the coming months and then installation will begin on the new equipment additions.

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