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X-Rite Acquires ColorCert Software Assets

GRAND RAPIDS, MI | X-Rite, a global supplier of color science and technology, and its subsidiary Pantone, report the company acquisition of ColorCert software assets from Nelissen Consulting, a privately held company in Germany. Since 2013, X-Rite has been the exclusive distributor of ColorCert software, a real-time color and print quality process control and reporting tool used by consumer packaged goods companies and packaging converters to simplify color communication across all internal and external stakeholders. As part of the agreement, X-Rite will acquire all ColorCert software assets and intellectual property related to the ColorCert Suite including ColorCert Desktop tools, ColorCert ScoreCard Server, and ColorCert Repository Server.

“We have seen significant global adoption of the ColorCert Suite, and it is an essential component of our long-term packaging strategy to deliver integrated workflow solutions that streamline color management across the entire packaging lifecycle from concept to final product,” says Adrián Fernández, VP, PantoneLIVE, X-Rite. “With this acquisition, we strengthen our investment in the ColorCert Suite and will accelerate its product development to provide additional reporting and measurement functionality for press operators, improved usability and enhanced integration with X-Rite technology partners as well as premedia, ink, and press process control tools.”

The ColorCert Suite allows brand owners, premedia, ink companies, and printers to connect color specifications and control from design execution to printed results. Company says it provides both brand owners and converters with a transparent and fair evaluation of print and color quality results, allowing them to shift from a visual to analytical workflow to collaboratively improve results.

Reportedly, consumer packaged goods companies have seen a significant increase in packaging quality and consistency in their supply chains by leveraging the ColorCert Suite to specify color expectations throughout the packaging workflow to final production. Brands receive real-time print quality reports from their print suppliers without having to wait days or weeks for samples. This improves production times and brand consistency at the shelf.

Company says for packaging converters, the ColorCert Suite enables them to better manage the complexities of their workflow; print managers can use production data from the ColorCert Suite to easily understand color tolerances and verify whether production is meeting a client’s expectations; packaging printers can also use the Suite to better manage CMYK, extended gamut, and spot color workflows, regardless of the printing process, substrate, or industry standard.

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