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Web Handling Conference Seeks Papers

STILLWATER, OK | IWEB 2017, The International Forum for Web Handling, sponsored by Oklahoma State University, will be held June 5–7 in Stillwater. Initiated in 1991 as a forum for engineers and scientists interested in exchanging technical information on concepts and innovations in web handling, this biennial conference has served to expand the science and the knowledge base in web handling and has provided engineers and researchers from throughout the world an opportunity to present new ideas and discuss future directions.

Keynote addresses and state-of-the art surveys will provide all participants with new perspectives on the tools needed to address challenging problems. The conference will provide participants many opportunities to interact within and outside technical sessions and is expected to provide a forum for discussion of new methods for formulating and solving web handling problems in well-known and conventional applications, as well as new problems that present themselves in emerging areas such as R2R manufacturing of flexible and printed electronics and transport of thin non-woven materials.

The following types of contributions are sought: fundamental analytical and experimental studies of web behavior, design methods which will improve the handling characteristics of non-ideal webs, industrial applications of web processing where innovative approaches to web handling are required in order to produce final products in cost effective ways, and state-of-the-art surveys which benchmark the science as it exists today and project the goals of tomorrow.

Papers are invited on the following topics:

  • Lateral Mechanics, Dynamics, & Control
  • Longitudinal Dynamics & Tension Control
  • Measurement Techniques & Sensors
  • Out-of-Plane Dynamics & Web Flutter
  • Slitting & Runnability
  • Winding & Unwinding
  • Wrinkling & Traction
  • Web Handling in Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of Printed & Flexible Electronics

Contributors are invited to submit unpublished original papers on any of the topics listed above or on topics which fit the general scope of the conference (see SCOPE). Papers will be selected on the basis of an abstract of approximately 500 words which describes the basic problem, methods used, main results, and conclusions.

Abstracts should be submitted electronically to the website no later than February 27, 2017.

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