Demand Creates More Computer-Based Training Offerings from Rockwell

MILWAUKEE, WI, USA—Rockwell Automation reports it has expanded its RSTrainer 2000 computer-based training (CBT) offerings with four new courses as a result of customer demand for flexible training alternatives and depth of subject matter. States Rockwell's release: "Ideal for manufacturers with time, travel, or budget limitations, these self-paced/self-directed training programs allow employees to acquire and retain new skills at an accelerated rate, contributing to more time on the plant floor and less time in the classroom."

In addition to traditional software and programming courses for SLC 500 and MicroLogix small-logic controllers, RSLinx communications drives and RSLogix 5, and RSLogix 500 controllers, the mfr. says RSTrainer 2000 CBT courses now include:

  • ControlLogix fundamentals
  • hydraulics
  • fundamentals of AC/DC drives and motors
  • RSLogix 5000 programming
"In the tradition of our broad portfolio of instructor-led training, RSTrainer courses provide both software training and fundamental 'subject matter'-based training to a growing e-learning market," explains Russell Allen, manager for business development and marketing, training, & performance services at Rockwell. "Because we understand the pressures faced by manufacturers, our curriculum is designed to help manufacturers continue to expand employee knowledge and skill sets, stimulate improved job performance, and improve overall productivity."

For more information about the new RSTrainer 2000 CBT-courses, contact:

Rockwell Automation Response Center
10701 Hampshire Ave. South
Bloomington, MN 55438
800/223-5354, ext. 1626
Visit Rockwell Automation at

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