Dynamic Systems Offers Job Tracking Software

KIRKLAND, WA | Dynamic Systems offers CheckMate Job Tracking Software, said to improve on-time delivery. Company reports systems allows companies to manage bottlenecks; contain the ripple effect, i.e. if any step in your process is late, you deliver late to your customer, who then becomes late; improve customer service; experience continuous improvement; and improve cash flow.

Software is designed to make tracking work orders easy. A barcode is preprinted on the work order or a barcode label is attached to the document or file. The barcode is scanned each time the work order moves to a new location (no need to scan “out” of the last location). The system will report where the job is and how long it’s been there. When customer calls, personnel will be able to give them an update from up-to-the-minute information. Managers will be able to identify if a job has been at a department or task too long, avoiding bottlenecks and facilitating smooth production.

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