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Jindal Films Announces New Digital Offerings

KERKRADE, LUXEMBOURG | Jindal Films, a supplier to the flexible packaging and labeling markets, announces a new film for digital printing and reports it has joined the HP Indigo Pack Ready Lamination Program.

Jindal develops and manufactures specialty oriented polypropylene (OPP) and PET films, including multilayer white opaque, metallized, and water-based coated films. Company applies specific food contact-approved, water-based coatings on OPP using a high-speed wide web continuous coating process. The formulation of these coatings is tailored to deliver the level of protection and performance required by each application in various market segments, including biscuits, confectionary, snacks, cake, chocolate, dry tea, tobacco, dry powder, and more.

Focused on developing solutions that anticipate market needs for digital printing technologies, the company recently introduced Digilyte. Designed specifically for HP Indigo digital presses and end-users, Digilyte films reportedly offer a combination of the three fundamental requirements of food packaging: protection, packaging line performance, and printability on HP Indigo Digital Presses. Company says converters can print directly onto the surface of the films using electro ink with excellent adhesion, which has a certified three-star ranking from HP and food contact compliance.

Jindal also reports that it is introducing a set of new films customized for thermo-lamination on the HP Indigo Pack Ready laminator. The new Pack Ready laminator, combined with Jindal Films developmental films, is designed to deliver immediate bonding without the need for adhesives. The result is said to be a solventless environmental friendly process without adhesive and without curing time. Multiple packaging structure designs can be achieved by encapsulating the inks in between films.

“With a long history of working with HP Indigo, the recent launch of the Digilyte range and our commitment to the Pack Ready program is a demonstration of our trust and vision in offering the food packaging industry the additional benefits of digital printing,“ says Mirek Tokaj, Europe Middle East Africa & Asia Pacific sales and marketing director, Jindal Films.

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