Montalvo Launches Z4-RL Web Tension Controller

GORHAM, ME | Montalvo, international specialists in web tension control, announces the launch of its latest web tension controller for rewind applications, the Z4-RL. Designed for rewind tension zones utilizing load cell feedback for tension measurement with a full range of functions and features to maximize production capabilities.

The Z4-RL features an all new seven-day trend storage capability for recording production run data, the first ever 7-inch high definition web tension control interface, and is available in three different configurations: circuit board only (Z4-RL-B), enclosure (Z4-RL-E), or remote installation (Z4-RL-R).

Applications Specialist Tony Rossetti says, “After the time, money and effort manufacturers put into maximizing their product quality during unwind and processing, it’s imperative they finish just as a strong with high-quality rewind tension control. The Z4-RL represents Montalvo’s next iteration of rewind tension control with the features and functions manufacturers require to maximize their productivity and product quality at the end of their process, all while being even simpler to operate.”

Additional Features and Functions Include:

• Taper, Flying Splice, Web Break Detection, Inertia Compensation

• User-defined units and scales

• Variable wrap angle

• Integrated tension indication

• Compatible with pneumatic or electric brakes/clutches, and drives

• 24V version available


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