Weber Is GMI Certified for Film Labels


ARLINGTON HTS., IL | Weber Packaging Solutions, a manufacturer and supplier of labels and labeling machinery, has been awarded certification to print film labels for product companies that require a Graphic Measures International (GMI) designation.

“Receiving the GMI certification validates that Weber’s flexographic printing processes and capabilities provide our customers with the color accuracy and consistency needed for printing their critical brand color,” says John O’Leary, Weber’s VP of manufacturing.

Weber achieved full GMI Certification status by meeting all of the criteria set by GMI for film label printing. This included a series of print tests in which GMI visited Weber’s Arlington Heights facility to ensure all requirements were met.

O’Leary says, “During the certification process, our skilled team members were able to demonstrate that the processes we execute and tools we utilize for prepress, platemaking, press production, and post-press result in a high quality printed product.”

GMI will conduct ongoing performance evaluations to confirm that all standards are continuously fulfilled. With the certification, Weber can print film labels for any product company that requires GMI certification, including major retailer private brands.

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