Flint Upgrades CombiWhite Ink


TRELLEBORG, SWEDEN | Flint Group Narrow Web announces an upgraded version of CombiWhite, the easy over-printable opaque white rotary screen ink widely said to be used in beverage, health and beauty, and no-label-look applications.

“A classification and labeling change led by REACH resulted in Flint Group, as a responsible supplier, deciding we could no longer use N-vinyl caprolactam (NVC, CAS number 2235-00-9) in any of our products,” says global product director Jennifer Joyce. “…we are pleased to announce we are ready with re-formulation work and have had 15 clients using the new product for well over five months; furthermore, we have not had one single negative report from any of these tests.”

Company says CombiWhite C3 is designed specifically for combination printing with all narrow web ink technologies and can be used on all types of substrates. Reportedly, printers will experience perfect combination print results with virtually any print process including UV flexo, UV offset, UV letterpress, UV screen, or water-based flexo.

Product manager Par Olsson says, “The whole aim with this reformulation is that no one should notice any difference between existing formulations and the new, upgraded, CombiWhite C3. We have several clients using CombiWhite C3 on no-label look for beverage labels as well as cosmetic labels. These end applications do possess slightly different challenges, but through our formulation expertise and in-house print testing capabilities, we have managed to optimize press performance for the most stringent end-use demands.”

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