TLMI Sees Favorable Economic Trends


GLOUCESTER, MA | According to the Tag and Label Mfrs. Institute, (TLMI), the current period of economic growth has already begun to lead to elevated capacity utilization rates for many industries in the US.

The Total US Industrial Capacity Utilization Rate for October, at 78.9%, is above its 20-year average and the average rate over the past 12 months is at its highest in nearly six years. Numerous industries show even higher rates. This is a good sign that the economy is busy and that the slack created by the Great Recession has either been put back to work or otherwise removed from the books.

Likewise, and a key point for TLMI supplier members serving the capital equipment sector, it means that wear and tear (the physical depreciation of capital equipment) will help boost demand for replacement machinery and capital goods going forward.

The above is excerpted from the TLMI Index & Trends Report researched and published by LPC.

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