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Elsner Builds Rewinder for Medical Products


HANOVER, PA | Elsner Engineering Works recently shipped a converting line that produces coreless rolls of nonwovens used in the medical industry. 

The Model CUPR-50, “Cooper-50”, was designed for a specific product (cotton undercast padding rolls), but company says it has become a versatile machine for use with many nonwoven substrates.

The fully automated line incorporates an off-the-floor lift unwind, edge guide, trim removal, automatic tension control, and a host of other features. It is the first machine from Elsner to utilize a solid winding rod that is recycled and handled in a fully automatic manner. A discharge conveyor stacks the finished product in a “six-pack” format for what is said to be easy integration with downstream packaging. Machine has the capability to produce up to 168 finished product rolls/min, and with simple HMI selection, it adjusts for slit widths of 2, 3, 4, and 6 in.

Elsner president/CEO Bert Elsner II says, “We are excited to extend our coverage of the medical disposables market yet again. We’ve built numerous machines over the years focusing on medical product capability, such as surgical drapes, exam table covers, cohesive bandages, and various wipe formats. We have the capability to be a full-service partner for companies in this marketplace.”

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