Techkon USA Pressroom Tool Has Three Functions


DANVERS, MA | Techkon USA announces the launch of DENS, a pressroom tool that combines three functions in a single device. DENS is a reflection densitometer, a transmission densitometer, and an LED-illuminated magnifier with an all-in-one design.

Company says tool is fast, accurate, and dependable and has a sleek and rugged aluminum body that will withstand the rigors of the pressroom environment.

The optical engine uses a high-precision color sensor and LED illumination to instantly measure color density, dot gain, and gray balance with 0.01D accuracy. What is said to be a unique side-view aperture design makes it quick and easy to position the device and measure printed color bars.

Tool can be used with both opaque and transparent materials to control color by density measurement. It can also be used for visual inspection with LED-illuminated 4X magnifier. Positive and negative films can be measured. Flexographic printing plate quality can be controlled by measuring the amount of remaining carbon mask. Options for polarization and white references to support both ISO E and ISO T are available.

“Press operators find the DENS to be a very convenient and easy way to read color density,” says Devin Abramowitz, sales manager at Techkon USA. “We are able to deliver a high level of accuracy in a very compact and robust package that fits well into a printing operation and operator's workflow.”

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