Memjet Introduces Print Engine


SAN DIEGO, CA | Memjet announces the Sirius-12G compact color print engine sub-system developed for OEMs in need of creating a compact, cost-effective printer that easily integrates in to their media handling systems.

Company says the print engine facilitates printhead maintenance without the need to break the plane of the media, enabling a wide range of applications including label printing, package printing, and print-and-apply labels in product manufacturing operations.

Printers are able to move the print zone up and down to accommodate varying material thickness such as stuffed envelopes or board stock. This offers a greater range of media handling options for unique applications.

The printhead features more than 70,400 nozzles that deliver millions of ink drops every second. The page-width printhead provides 1,600 dpi native print resolution in full process color (CMYK). Speeds are 12 in./sec in standard-quality (1600x800 dpi) print mode and 6 in./sec in premium- quality (1600x1600 dpi) print mode.


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