Maxson Sheeters Offer Continuous Run Feature


WESTERLY, RI | Maxson Automatic Machinery Company provides a continuous run discharge feature on its sheeters to permit uninterrupted production while the operator changes skids of material without rejecting any acceptable sheets. Feature is said to be affordable and is designed to safely enhance productivity. 

At a preset count, the sheeter automatically ramps down to a reduced speed. At the same time, the high and low speed tape sections of the sheeter accelerate clearing sheets from the delivery system, conveying them into the stacker. When the last sheet assigned to the pile enters the stacker, the load table automatically lowers to the off load position, without exposing the operator to danger compared to an extending grid design, company says.

Simultaneously, the slow speed tape section adjusts to a creep rate, resulting in heavily overlapped sheets. These sheets move slowly toward the stacker, providing time for the full skid to be lowered and removed. The operator positions the empty pallet(s) on the load table while the sheeter continues to run. Once the pallet(s) are positioned, operator returns to the main console and raises the load table. When the load table is raised, a sensor detects the skid being in position and returns the sheeter, the high speed tapes and low speed tapes to their originally set speeds.

The operator removes the full skid to storage and prepares for the next skid change, positioning an empty pallet(s) and the tow motor for the next change. The entire skid changing process is accomplished within 45 sec, without machine stoppage or lost sheets.

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