NASPO Security Audit Has New Features


WASHINGTON, DC | The North American Security Products Organization (NASPO) announces a new audit that combines two highly recognized security standards for producers of documents of value employing added security features designed to protect against counterfeiting. The new NASPO audit now covers security requirements from ISO (International Organization of Standardization) and from NASPO, reportedly providing both convenience and cost savings to firms seeking security assurance certification on a national and/or international level. 

Producers of security documents, cards, and foils can now achieve both the NASPO Security Assurance standard (NASPO SA 2013) and the ISO 14298 standard (Graphic Technology-Management of Security Printing Processes) through a single NASPO audit. This allows organizations to meet the requirements of a key international security standard from ISO as well as national security standards of ANSI/NASPO (American National Standards Institute). NASPO will also offer individual audits to ANSI/NASPO SA 2013 and ISO 14298 to those organization not requiring combined audits.

NASPO SA 2013 is an accepted security standard by ANSI used today by private industry as well as state and federal agencies. It was developed for security printers, security foil producers, technology suppliers, or any organization seeking to implement or enhance their security practices. The conformity assessment process of NASPO SA 2013 has been proven to meet the security requirements of a broad base of users.

The ISO 14298 standard is similar to NASPO SA 2013 but does not include security technology suppliers or other security organizations. Because of NASPO’s participation in the development of ISO 14298, the NASPO and ISO standards share common auditing and conformity assessment procedures, making it easier now to meet the requirements of both standards through a single auditing process.

“NASPO has developed our audit processes over the last ten years to meet the high requirements of security contractors and users,” says NASPO chairman Richard Ward. “A NASPO Certification represents trust and credibility in the audit process and a level of assurance that the standards requirements are being met and implemented as intended.”

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