Pillar Seals Deal at NPE 2003

HARTLAND, WI, USA—"Many projects come to a close at a show," says Pillar Technologies sales manager Scott Kessler, "but few actually start and finish in just one day!" According to the OEM of treating equipment for the converting and plastics industries, that's exactly what happened at NPE 2003. Reportedly, Jadcore Inc., a plastics reprocessor and bag manufacturer, purchased Pillar equipment at the plastics show in Chicago in late June.

Pillar says Jadcore owner Dean Doti and plant engineer Brian Berrisford came to NPE "with a mission to buy corona treating (among other) equipment. Doing his homework beforehand," explains Pillar's release about the deal, "as most plant engineers would, Brian had two corona treating manufacturers in mind to visit at the show."

According to Berrisford, he and Jadcore's Doti visited two corona treating equipment manufacturers, Pillar being the second. "We liked the fact that Pillar had equipment on the floor that we could see, touch, and examine, so we knew what we would be getting if we purchased....Pillar's machine looked good and the price was right. [Pillar] offered us a show special. You just don't pass up show specials," adds the engineer.

Pillar reports a purchase order was exchanged right on the show floor and was confirmed with a handshake to "seal the deal." Learn more about Pillar's corona treating equipment by calling 888/PILLAR-6 or visit pillartech.com.

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