Menges Roller Wins AIMCAL Technology of the Year Award


WAUCONDA, IL | Menges Roller is the winner of the 2014 “Technology of the Year” Award from AIMCAL (Assn. of International Metallizers, Coaters & Laminators). The award recognizes Menges for using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) to design better heat transfer rollers. 

The technology for which Menges won this award involves the use of high-tech computer models to simulate a roller’s temperature and performance characteristics, allowing engineers to test different designs “virtually.” This reportedly saves time and money, while making R&D results more reliable.

The company says rollers designed using this CFD Thermal Modeling Technology are guaranteed to achieve the temperatures modeled in their computer simulations, taking the guesswork out of temperature control and thermal transfer calculations.

When president Matt Menges was presented the award March 16 at the annual AIMCAL Management Meeting in Phoenix, AZ, he said, “We are very pleased to win this award. My team has worked hard to perfect the use of this technology for our customers–so it’s great to see my peers recognize our good work.”


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