OMET Awards Scholarships to Children of Employees


LECCO, ITALY | OMET, manufacturer of printing presses and tissue converting equipment, celebrated the end of 2014—its 50th year in business—by giving out 10 scholarships for the children of employees who have distinguished themselves at high schools or in universities.

Managing director Antonio Bartesaghi says, "Last year we established scholarships for the children of our employees who have performed well in their studies, with the obvious aim of rewarding the commitment, dedication, and ability to face difficulties. We hope that the award will be a stimulus to ensure that this commitment is prolonged over time. This year we revived the initiative, and we will continue to do so for the years to come.

"We all know that the path to business growth depends on the ability to consistently get the best results. To this aim, it is essential to rely on valid collaborators but also on their passion, dedication, and hard work. [This is] the same commitment that we have recognized and developed in these children with the hope that it might contribute to their future success.”

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