Simco-Ion Pinner Charging Bar Series Is Updated


HATFIELD, PA | Simco-Ion has introduced the updated Pinner Charging Bar Series which is built for a variety of industrial applications. 

As part of the Chargemaster System, the Pinner Series’ upgrades include ruggedized construction, improved electrical insulation, new versatile mounting options, and new high output bar models. The Pinner Bar's emitter points are current limited to ensure operator safety and reduce EMI emissions for machine safety. Engineered with quality construction and enhanced performance, the Pinner Series will help user achieve your electrostatic pinning requirements to temporarily pin or bond materials together. Applications include IML, lamination, card tacking, or edge pinning.

The Series is available in three different bar models, which includes the new Pinner-T Bar for high-output pinning performance. The Pinner-T features tungsten emitter points for extended bar life without the need for heavy maintenance. All Pinner Bars are compatible with company’s Chargemaster Series of high voltage charging generators.

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