Meech Expands Static Control Line


NORTON, OH | Meech expands the Hyperion 971 line of static control systems with the Hyperion 971IPS (Integrated Power Supply) and Hyperion 929IPS, both said to be well suited for converting, packaging, and labeling applications.

The 971PS allows users to run the long-range ionizing bar from a 24V power supply. Default settings are said to permit quick and easy installation and use. A remote programmer (the BarMaster) is available for more demanding installations. Advanced version of the bar for complex installations where absolute accuracy of neutralization is required. This version includes an integrated distance sensor and a closed-loop feedback system.

The 929IPS is a plug-and-play bar said to provide excellent ionization for short to medium range applications with target distances from 50–500 mm. Improved design is reported to be more resilient to the buildup of contamination and to allow for easier cleaning. Pins are shockless to touch, making bar safe for operators to handle. Compatibility with BarMaster allows engineer to modify output settings. Company says this adjustability is especially useful for close tolerance applications such as RFID converting machinery or for improving long-range performance.


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